Security Safes

We understand the challenge that comes with having records; documents such as title deeds, log books, certificates, jewellery, licensed guns among other valuables in good order and safety without using much space.

We supply various sizes of safes to our clients. The safes are dual control; that is one key lock and one digital combination lock, fireproof-protecting against fire, burglar proof. Vertical in height -ensuring efficiency and minimal space usage and stylish finishing. We are dedicated to adding value to our customers.

SFP61 Burglary & Fireproof Safe

SFP50 Burglary & Fireproof Safe

Pistol Safe

SJD15E hotel security safe image

SJD15E Hotel Safe


High Security Safes


Residential Safes

Your needs can be different from what we have provided. To enable maximum customer satisfaction, we provide Custom and Speciality safes for our customers. We also offer a variety of spare parts, including combination and electronic locks, handles and hinges.

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