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Point of Sale Software in Kenya

Damitech Solutions offers the cheapest pos software in Kenya. We specialize in very stable and easy to use POS System that acts as the engine of any Point Of Sale system and with inventory management. Retail software in Kenya – point of sale system for small business in Kenya – point of sale software for restaurant and bar in Kenya – point of sale software for a supermarket or retail shops in Kenya – pos software for the grocery store in Kenya – point of sale software for pharmacy in Kenya

Why pos software?

Our software applications are built with the latest trends while supporting the most existing hardware. Because of its flexibility is also known as scalability in technical terms, this billing software can be used in a situation of a single computer or laptop, even a tablet. In a situation where many nodes are required for very large installations that involve multiple servers and many client node computers. You will find them touch screen friendly as well as easy to use with mouse and keyboard interface. What makes our software perfect billing software for small businesses is its flexibility and scalability. As a small business, you can keep your initial investment less by automating your business with only one computer. In this setup, all your data and operation will be only on one computer. As your small business grows, you can add more computers for additional billing counters and/or administrative terminals while upgrading your HDPOS smart from a stand-alone billing system to a client-server billing system. Our point of sale systems for small business applies to supermarket point of sale, wholesale or retail pos, restaurants pos and bars point of sale, hotel pos. It also supports the pharmacy of sale, school management, salon pos system, bakery point of sale system, pizza pos system, garment point of sale,  shoe store pos system, bookstore pos system, jewelry pos software, computer store pos, and electronic store pos. Our main software brand is HDPOS, which is developed by experienced Engineers based in INDIA. Our developers are quite fluent with current technology. Our applications are built with the latest software architecture that makes them flexible to be used in a small installation like a single laptop and also quite apt for very large installations that involve multiple servers and many client node computers. We also supply Point of sale hardware in Kenya such as point of sales terminal, touch screen monitors, thermal printers, barcode printers, pole display, barcode scanners in Kenya, etc. Our POS software is accompanied by a license and 1 year of free online updates. We offer free training and technical support in case of a computer or system breakdown. As a business owner, your data records mean much to your business so is the database. The point of sale system is designed to auto-backup records locally and with an online backup offered at a cheaper price. We also offer a free database recovery for our clients. We have over 100 successful POS installations in Kenya in various sectors. We have also done Restaurant installations in various AMISOM units in SOMALIA. We highly invite you to try our services. We will help you automate and secure your business transactions. By using this Point of sale software, you will able to easily access your business records such more conveniently. You will find it easy to access your stock, financial transactions, creditors and Debtors so much more conveniently.

Key Features of Point of Sale software?

  • Easy Billing
  • Inventory Management
  • Taxation Management
  • Financial accounting
  • Suppliers Management
  • Employees and customers Management
  • Also handles manufacturing needs with BOM (bill of material)
  • Customer relation management
  • Access to Reports via smartphones
  • Printing of barcode stickers
  • Customer display screen, support for Pole display
  • Owners dashboard with graphical data representation
  • Fully secure, granular access rights for each functionality
  • Customization – user define data fields

Our Point of Sale softwares?

  • HDPOS Lite
  • HDPOS Easy
  • HDPOS Smart
  • HDRestaurant
  • HDSchool
  • HDSaloon

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