KRA TIMS Ready Fiscal Devices

KRA Approved TIMS Ready Fiscal Devices

Damitech IT solutions Limited was among the first firms registered by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA )as authorized resellers for Electronic Tax Register (ETR Machines), Electronic Signature Device (ESD) and Fiscal printers in Kenya. In the year 2005, the government of Kenya through the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) initiated the use of fiscal devices to streamline TAX collections. And then in the year 2020, the government issued new regulations(VAT Regulations 2020) that was aimed at changing the revenue collection in the country through TIMS.

TIMS(Tax Invoice Management System) is an enhancement of the current ETR regime that was rolled out in 2005. It aims at:

  • Integration with trader systems, i.e. (ETRs, ERPs & POS(Point of Sale)) systems.
  • Standardization and authentication of tax invoices issued by VAT traders and transmission to KRA  on a real time or near real time basis.
  • A module for storage of tax invoice data.
  • Verification of the validity of a tax invoice by officers, traders and general public through the invoice QR code or Tax Invoice Checker on the iTax portal.

All traders are therefore required to issue fiscal receipts at the point of sale and adopt ETRs that are TIMS compliant.

We offer reliable and efficient KRA approved fiscal devices with a one year warranty.

Our technical experience has given us a competitive edge over our competitors. We boast of good relationships with our customers.

The categories of compliance devices which are in used in Kenya currently are;

We have sold hundreds of fiscal devices in Kenya. We enjoy a wide market coverage in major towns such as Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and so on. Wherever you are in Kenya we will be able to serve you.

Electronic Tax Register (ETR Machines-TIMS Type A Devices)

We are approved dealers of TIMS Ready ETR machines in Kenya such as Mercury 130W, Incotex 181, Tremol S25, Tremol M23, Datecs WP-25, Fiscat Ipalm, Ace Tevin, Aclas CRBX among others. We offer training, delivery and after sale support for all our clients.  All our ETR machines transmit invoices to KRA server and generate Daily reports, X reports, PLU report & a  Fiscal Monthly reports. 

The ETR machines exist in a wide range of sizes and functionalities.

Electronic Signature Device (ESD -Type C Devices)

We are approved dealers of TIMS Ready ESD machines in Kenya such as Incotex 600, Ace Tevin, Tremol TRG03 e.t.c TIMS compliant type C devices. We offer training, delivery and after sale support for all our clients.  

Fiscal Printer in Kenya-Type B TIMS Ready Devices

We are approved dealers of TIMS Compliant Fiscal Printers in Kenya such as Incotex 300SM, Ace Tevin, Datecs FP700 e.t.c. We offer training, delivery and after-sale support for all our clients.  

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