Fiscal Printers-Type B TIMS Device

Incotex 300SM Type B device


  • Ideal for shops, supermarkets, restaurants e.t.c.
  • Fast and noiseless thermal printer with easy paper loading.
  • Auto-cutter.
  • Printing speed of 150mm/s.
  • Micro-SD memory card(16GB).
  • USB/RS232 Interface.
  • Inbuilt lithium battery (real-time clock).
  • Supports HS Codes for Zero-rated and Vat exempt sales.
  • Supports up-to 8 VAT categories.
  • 15 types of payments.
  • 8 header and 2 footer lines.
  • 8 departments.
  • 3300 articles/PLUs.
  • Supports registration of CREDIT & DEBIT notes.
  • Supports generation of daily X and Z reports.
  • 1 year warranty on factory defect.
  • Periodic reports by Z number/date range.
  • Supports generation of QR codes with details of each invoice.
  • Supports extraction of encrypted invoice data.
  • Functions: tax validation, encryption, signing, transmission and storage.

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