KRA Fiscal Devices

In the year 2005, the government of Kenya through Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) initiated the use of fiscal devices to streamline TAX collections.

All traders are therefore required to issue fiscal receipts at the point of sale or payment. These are the only recognized legal receipts.

The three categories of compliance devices which are in use in Kenya are;

Damitech IT solutions Limited was among the first firms registered by KRA as authorized resellers for ETR Machines, ESD and Fiscal printers in Kenya.

At Damitech, we handle numerous brands of ETR, ESD and Fiscal printer such as

  • Datecs
  • Mercury
  • Quorion
  • Signet
  • Microlec
  • Eltrade
  • Farex
  • Fiscat IPALM
  • TSL etc.

The ETR machines exist in a wide range of sizes . There are  portable ETRs , also referred to as mobile ETR machines. And there are also heavy desktop ETRs. The bigger ETR devices are  for use in busy sectors such as Supermarkets, Wholesale, Retail, Restaurants & Hotels etc

We have sold hundreds of fiscal devices in Kenya. We enjoy a wide market coverage in major towns such as Kisumu, Nairobi , Nakuru, Mombasa and so on. Wherever you are in Kenya we will be able to serve you.

Our technical experience has given us a competitive edge over our competitors. We boast of good relationships with our customers. You may take a look at the Damitech Clients here.

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