JBDY-810C Note Counters with Validator



System fieldDescription
Currency types:KSH , EURO and USD.
Counting modes:Automatic or manual Start mode, Continuous counting mode, Batch counting mode, Single counting mode, Value/Mix counting mode
Counting speed:Level 1: 1000-1200 Notes per minute(mix mode).
Level 2: 1500 Notes per minute(Sheet counting mode).
Counterfeit detection modes:UV Counterfeit detection(UV), MG Counterfeit detection(MG), CIS(Capture Image Scanning technology).
Currency recognition:2 directions.
Display type:3.5 Inch Tactile Screen.
Hopper capacity:500Pcs New notes / 600pcs Old notes.
Stacker capacity:200 Notes.
Countable note:Size 120mm X 500mm-180mm X 90mm-0.05mm-0.15mm
Printing option:YES.
Interface:USB, Printer, Display & LAN

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