Banking Equipment

February 19, 2016

About Our Banking Equipment in Kenya.

In the current digital World, businesses are exposed to the dangers of counterfeit currencies in circulation.

FAKE currencies are developed by fraudsters everyday.

So, how can you detect fake money ? In Kenya Damitech provides Note Counters and Currency validators.

Note counters and currency validators  are devices designed to accurately count and validate bank notes and coins .These devices provide you with  great speed in counting cash.

Additionally, they are able to sort notes and coins into batches and check for damages or counterfeit currencies.

We at Damitech It Solutions Ltd will help you protect your business from  losses by fraudsters. We are reliable sellers of  Note counters and currency Discriminators in Kenya. These devices will enable you to authenticate money and count currencies .

Our machines have got numerous detection sensors fitted for efficient detection through UV, MG, MT, IR, FD, DD, SD and SN. These will detect real money . They work for the Kenyan Schilling . And we have devices for detecting foreign currencies.

Our note counters and currency validators in Kenya

We mainly specialize in the following devices:

  • Multicurrency note counters,
  • Currency discriminators,
  • Note sorters,
  • Coin Counters,
  • UV light detectors,
  • USD & EURO currency detectors etc.


Counters , validators and Sorters:

  • SNIPPER DB3000 note counter and Sorter,
  • SNIPPER DB780A note counter and Discriminator,
  • SNIPPER DB 180 note counter,
  • SNIPPER DB326 Multicurrency Discriminator,
  • SNIPPER DB450 Coin counter amongst many more.



The SNIPPER DB3000 which is our high-end model, is able to:

  • Count,
  • Discriminate notes
  • Sort Notes
  • Track USD serial numbers
  • Printout the denominations
  • Give Totals of all counted notes.


SNIPPER DB3000, DB780A and DB180

These are able to count and validate KSH, EURO and USD currencies with speed and efficiency.



This is a Multicurrency discriminator. It perfectly discriminates and counts 6 currencies with accuracy- KSH,






You can read More about these Note counters Here or go ahead and Contact  us here .

We are able to service and repair all the models that we supply.

We have supplied various models of our note and coin counters to a number of reputable businesses and organizations throughout Kenya. They can testify to the effectiveness of our machines. Head over here to the Damitech IT Solutions LTD client page to see a list of our customers.


Contact us if you are looking for the following in Kenya: note counters, Currency discriminators, Note sorters, Coin Counters, UV light detectors, USD & EURO currency detectors etc. .

We gladly invite you to try our products and secure your money from fraudsters by ensuring that you only collect genuine currencies from your sales or receipts.

To contact us, use the web form on this page or head over to our contact us page .